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Why I choose sustainable art

When the idea of selling my Fine art prints came up, I knew one thing for sure: it had to be as sustainable as possible. For the last few years, I had been lucky to visit all these beautiful places and meet all those interesting people around the world: I granted the next generations to have those experiences as well. The only pain in the ass was that I did not want to compromise when it came to quality. Determined to complete my green mission, I finally found a studio that only uses water-based ink (so no chemicals at all!), and works with FineArt inkjet papers made from unique materials, like bamboo, hemp, and agave – plants that grow fast and don’t need any pesticides. The result is simply mind-blowing. Because of the raw materials, the prints get a rough, yet delicately defined surface texture that gives the subject a captivating sense of depth. As if they are 3D.

Please, don’t believe me, but come and check it out yourself: a part of my series People of the Blue Sky is currently exhibited at Warnars & Warnars Art Gallery. If you are a photographer yourself and curious just send me a message. I am happy to tell you more. Together we can make a difference.