Energy shifters

Energy shifters
This selection FineArt mini-prints represents precious moments , that hopefully will spark your day, and may even help to shift your energy. How? Everything is energy. Not just you and me, but everything that goes into the cosmos. That’s an age-old wisdom, preached by prophets like Jesus and Buddha and proven by the scientist Albert Einstein. And that energy is constantly moving and looking for similar matches. Best known as the law of attraction, which simply can be translated as: positive attracts positive (and negative attracts negative, but let’s focus on the positive). When you now consciously focus your attention on the energy stored in the photo – photography is ‘writing with light’, which is energy – then you increase that same energy within you. 

Seeing is believing, so go and check it out for yourself. I made an energetic index for each photo, and some of them are even more powerful when combined together, but you are always free to play around, and go on your own little adventure. Have fun!

Sustainable Art 

I continually strive to lessen the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Therefore I use FineArt inkjet papers made of raw plant fibers that grow quickly, don’t require pesticides, and don’t need optical brighteners. Besides eco-friendly, the result is a museum quality for high age resistance print with a rough, yet delicately defined surface texture that gives the subject a captivating sense of depth.

Energy shifters are only available in 10x15cm, and will come with a passe partout (13x18cm). Framing is optional.
>>>International shipping on request.

Deep dive Within I
Deep dive Within III
Sun Moon & Fire I
Sun Moon & Fire II
Wispers of the Wildernis
Free Birds
Deep dive Within II
Deep dive Within VI
Sun Moon & Fire III
Sun Moon & Fire VI