Inner Alchemy Cards

Everything you seek is within you. From joy and serenity to wisdom and infinite power. At times, accessing these treasures, can be difficult. Because you’re too busy, there’s too much happening around you, or life is challenging you. That’s where the Inner Alchemy Cards come into play, helping you to reconnect by shifting your energy.

From the desolate landscapes of Mongolia to the majestic mountain peaks of the Himalayas, the Inner Alchemy Cards are literally written with sunlight from around the world. They reflect some of my most cherished moments of awe and deep (inter)connection. Their energy is still palpable. All it takes is a moment of stillness, mirroring the tranquility I experienced while taking them.

How does it work? You may be familiar with the law of attraction. Simply explained as: what you focus on, you attract. By consciously directing your attention to the energy stored in the photo – photography is ‘writing with light’, which is energy – you amplify that same energy within you. Does this all sound a bit hocus-pocus to you? Just try it. Seeing is believing!

Deliberately compact in size the Inner Alchemy Cards empower you to cultivate the right mindset anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, in a bustling coworking space, or even amidst your traveling. I made an energetic index for each photo. Some of them are even more powerful when combined, but you are always free to play around and go on your journey of exploration. Let the adventure begin!

 Sustainable Art I continually strive to lessen the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Therefore I use FineArt inkjet papers made of raw plant fibers that grow quickly, don’t require pesticides, and don’t need optical brighteners. Besides eco-friendly, the result is a museum quality for high age resistance print with a rough, yet delicately defined surface texture that gives the subject a captivating sense of depth.

Inner Alchemy Cards are only available in 10x15cm.
>>>International shipping on request.

Deep dive Within I
Deep dive Within III
Sun Moon & Fire I
Sun Moon & Fire II
Free Birds
Wispers of the Wildernis
Deep dive Within II
Deep dive Within VI
Sun Moon & Fire III
Sun Moon & Fire VI