Portrait –  Keep it real.
Photography to me isn’t about capturing you with a big Prodent smile on your face – it’s about capturing you. Curious, dreamy, outgoing, adventurous or a bit more serious. Trust me, real is so much better than perfect!

Family stories – Those where the days…
The beauty of life lies in the ordinary. The long (sticky) hugs with granny, the hectic Saturday mornings, the soap parties in the bathroom, the pillow fights, and ‘yes’ even that piece of gum in your toddlers hair. Years from now, long after you have forgotten everything, it will be all those little moments that you will yearn to re-live. Curious how a day in the life session will look like? Send me an e-mail or give me a call, I love to tell you all about it.

Business & non-profit stories and reports  – Make an impact!
Humans are storytellers by nature. That’s how we process information and compel to take action. However, with a billion stories produced worldwide every single day, it may seem impossible to stand out. It is not. You just have to be you. A story straight from the heart will always touch, tickle & teach linked-minded people, and I would love to help you with that. 

Please inquire me for more information, and a custom quote.

Clients: ID&T, IDTV, Ipse de Bruggen, Veronica Magazine, AD, Omroep MAX, Libelle, LINDA., National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Tovertafel, Lidl, hetkanWEL.