So good to see you!

Hi, I am Marie van der Heijden, a photographer and writer based in the Netherlands. I travel the world to capture stories that matter for the love of humanity, with a special interets in (ancient) healing. Simply because the better we feel ourselves, the better we will take care of each other and our planet. Because in the end everything is connected. 

Back at home I share these stories via published articles or limited edition prints that you find here and at art dealer Warnars & Warnars. This site is a summary of my work, and I feel honored to share it with you.  In the last few years my work has been published in National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler and LINDA. Most recent: The last healers of the Himalaya in Columbus Travel Magazine. This story is very special to me, because it was part of my own healing journey as well.

Besides this I am a proud representative for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation and an offical member of the Black Jaguar Foundation – a foundation that is planting native trees in the Amazon and Cerrado in Brazil, to complete one of the largest reforestation projects on earth. 

Hope to meet you one day in real life! Have a wonderful day.


“Perhaps we are the same person.
Perhaps we have no limits;
Perhaps we flow into each other,
stream through each other
boundlessly and magnificently."

- Ingmar Bergman