The Netherlands

Photos published in HetkanWEL, the book.

“Why do you never go on an adventure in your own country?” I never understood that question. Why would I go on a journey through a flat (boring) landscape where it was wet season all year round? Until I became sick and the national borders closed because of Covid-19 – a double lockdown.
Because walking was the most exciting thing to do, I decided to explore the parks of the city I live in, Amsterdam. As soon as the paths and the people became predictable, I broadened my horizon with some green getaways like the Veluwe, the Drentsche Aa, and the North Holland dune reserve. My curiosity grew with every step I took. For a small country, we boasted an enormous variety of nature. During that summer, the online platform put me on assignment for their first book. While searching for the perfect cover shot that would fit their mission – living greener, fairer and better – I suddenly got the idea to go high up in the air. Perhaps from that perspective, I could underline my revised vision about the stunning nature that surrounded me. A very tangible and convincing reason to live more sustainable, I guessed. Once the plane took of the view changed from colorful explosions to soothing, never ending horizons. When I finally flew over ‘Het Verdronken land van Saefthinge’, I was left speechless. The wilderness below me, was so overwhelming and untouched that it moved me. What an unforgettable, and unexpected reunification with my roots. 

Sustainable Art 

I continually strive to lessen the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Therefore I use FineArt inkjet papers made of raw plant fibers that grow quickly, don’t require pesticides, and don’t need optical brighteners. Besides eco-friendly, the result is a museum quality for high age resistance print with a rough, yet delicately defined surface texture that gives the subject a captivating sense of depth. When it comes to framing I use ‘baklijsten’ made of compressed wood. These frames give the print a floating 3D effect. The advantage of a ‘baklijst’ is that the entire photo remains visible and it does not partially disappear behind the edge of the frame.

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