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The story of the Frenchman Jacky Boisset literally blew me away, and left me behind with one big question: where we all capable of becoming superhuman?

“I am willing to share my secrets with you, but they will change your life forever. Are you willing to take the risk?” I looked uncomprehendingly at the two-time world champion adventure racing and Spartan athlete of the year. Of course, I wanted to know how he had managed to perform such almost supernatural feats. Just to give you an idea: Jacky ran, biked, kayaked and climbed non-stop across Ecuador for nine days on just seven hours of sleep. And so, I talked to him. What he said sounded mind blowing and logical at the same time.

A selection: Jacky lives for 90 percent on fruits – our cells, of which we have billions, function best on glucose. He takes a glass of sea water every day – all the minerals we can find on earth are in there. The concentration of minerals in sea water is 34 grams per liter! Finally, in addition, he regularly doesn’t not eat for a day or a week: “Digesting food takes a lot of energy. By not eating, your body has more energy left for recovery and healing.

Changing his diet literally changed Jacky as a human being; by eating cleaner, he felt more connected to himself and therefore to his environment. His sporting achievements naturally became less relevant, and the urge arose to help other people and to restore nature again – because: in the end, everything is connected. Today, he travels the world to share his knowledge and, together with his wife Mimi – also a two-time World Adventure Racing Champion – he gives health retreats at his raw adventure center in Tenerife.